Cash Discount program

Say Goodbye to Processing Fees.

Merchants from coast to coast are fed up with paying hefty processing fees whenever a customer pays by credit card. While these fees vary depending on which card a customer uses, the fact remains: Card operators are making money hand over fist — mostly on the backs of hard-working business people like yourself. As a result, these mounting monthly processing fees are squeezing merchants, adding to the costly burden of doing business. It’s just not fair! But It doesn’t have to be this way, STS is here to help! 

1. No More Fees

With our exclusive software, all monthly processing fees that you typically pay get incorporated into the sale. A small service fee is passed on to the card holder.

2. Cash Benefits

Even better, your customers are rewarded for paying in cash with a 3.99% discount. Cash is King, and this is where you crown your customers!

3. Bigger Profit

You, the business owner, get 100% of the sale and at the end of the month, your processing fees will be ZERO!

4. Customer Satisfaction

Point-of-purchase pricing and discount signage clearly spells out the process to customers, who know what they’re getting – and who’ll come back for more