MERCHANT services

We can help you streamline your process and save cash.

At STS, we offer the comprehensive products and customized services Merchants need to streamline their processing with the most innovative solutions, infinite options, and competitive pricing available in the industry. Our experts will initiate processing within 24-hours with only about 5 minutes of down time, so you can begin accepting the most popular form of payments on the market utilizing our cutting-edge technology and super savings.


Because STS is sympathetic to your need for working capital, we have the ability to provide Merchants with Business Loans and Cash Advances from $5,000 to $1 Million Dollars!

Our dedicated team is not only motivated to helping businesses with innovative products and services, but offering the added value of financial guidance. Whether you need to increase inventory, purchase new equipment, make improvements, or accommodate deficits—Riverside is your trusted source for Merchant Cash Advances.


STS uses, First Data Global Gateway and eProcessing Network to help you customize any online presence your business desires. We offer an array of features that include Virtual Terminal, Online Gateway, Advanced Fraud Detection Suite, Automated Recurring Billing, ePN Plug-In for QuickBooks, Online BillPay, and many more.


STS offers a comprehensive ATM solution with services that include equipment, installation, cash replenishment and processing. Placing an ATM at your business location is a proven way to increase foot traffic, while generating additional revenue from ATM surcharges.


EMV Compliance


If you are not set up to accept EMV payments, the fraud liability lies on the merchant!


A STS representative is standing by to seamlessly help you make this necessary transition. In addition, we’re excited to announce that 99% of customers are able to become EMV Compliant without paying any added fees. With Riverside, our clients already save money on our custom programs while enjoying new and updated equipment, so this is just one more reason Riverside is becoming known as The World’s Best Merchant Service Provider.

what us emv cHip technology?

The Name, EMV, originates from its developer Europay Mastercard® and Visa®

EMV Chip Technology, aka “chip and PIN” or “chip and signature,” is becoming the global standard for credit card and debit card payments, where standard cards are embedded with microprocessor chips that store and protect user data, drastically increasing security and reducing fraud. Cards with EMV Chips adapt to a variety of applications, including mobile phones, iPads or iPods.